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Praticando o equilíbrio. #yoga #floripa #dancerpose (em Jurerê Internacional)


Back on the mat #yoga #mermaidpose #exercise #feelinggood

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that I’ve been pretty active in my main blog lately, so if you miss me, head over there.


My boyfriend gave Murphy and I a little photoshoot during our daily yoga practice :)

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  • First of all: AWESOME that you’re considering doing yoga :) It will make you more peaceful and confident and energetic in many aspects of life. So, what are the first steps? Lately I’ve been giving out tips to a few people via messages but I feel it’s about time to make a post, so everyone can profit from it. Keep in mind: I am a yoga student, not a teacher, but have done extensive reading about yoga philosophy and gained an understanding for a save way to develop a regular yoga practice.

IMPORTANT - What to be aware of before starting out:

  • Making the first steps under the supervision of a competent teacher is crucial for your yoga practice. Having bad alignment can ruin a lot and trust me, when I compare my yoga practice from the beginning to my current practice, I always think: woah, my alignment in some poses was dangerous for my health. Even now, after about a year of practice, I get adjustments in classes from my teachers. Teachers can also help you find an adequate and healthy modification for poses you’re not strong/flexible enough yet. Therefore, try to search yoga studios in your city/village or just any place you can reach comfortably.
  • Yoga is for everyone. Don’t think you shouldn’t do yoga because you’re not flexible - you do yoga to become flexible. Don’t be intimidated by the stereotypical image of the skinny, female yogini. Yoga is for men and women, no matter how much they weigh. Yoga will form your body in a natural way and it will definitely improve your body-image :) You also can’t be too old to start practicing yoga. Back injuries can be healed through yoga and studies show it helps dealing with asthma and depression. Really. Just do yoga. You’ll see.

But what if I can’t afford to go to a yoga studio/there is no yoga studio anywhere near me?

  • I really recommend you save money to go to at least 3 beginner classes. Maybe ask a parent/grandparent for financial help, just explain them doing yoga is good for your health - but only when practiced the correct way. Even if saving money means you have to wait a little longer to start out. Many universities offer cheap classes and most studios will make price reductions for teenagers/university students.
  • If there is no yoga studio in your reach, I suggest learning the basic yoga poses following all the instructions by Kino MacGregor on her playlist Yoga for Beginners on YouTube. She has practiced yoga for about 14 years. Even though she mostly refers to Ashtanga yoga, many of the poses will be of use for the majority of yoga styles. Her explanations are very accurate, spot on and explain in detail how to safely get into poses without injuring yourself. If you can, let other people check your alignment in comparison to Kino’s. If you have no one to watch you, you can also film yourself and look at the video afterwards or send it to me via e-Mail and I can help.

What to wear to a yoga class:

  • Any kind of tight clothing that isn’t too warm will be sufficient. You don’t need extra fancy stuff. The tightness is important because of two aspects: first, it allows your teacher to see your alignment in a pose and help with adjustments and second, the clothes won’t come in your way (or if you’re female: your boobs won’t fall out of your shirt/shirt reveals too much of your torso in inversions, e.g. headstand).

How to establish a regular yoga practice:

  • After you’ve learned the first basic postures (asanas) you can now either keep going to a studio, or mix studio and home practice (in my opinion the best option) or only do home practice. To visibly gain strength and flexibility, you should consider doing yoga at least 3x per week for 20-30 minutes. If you can do more already, great! In asana practice, the theory is important of course, but practice is what it’s all about. Like Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said: practice and all is coming.

What if I realize I don’t like yoga?

  • Before abandoning yoga I strongly recommend trying many different styles. This is important, because some styles might bore you or seem too intimidating at first. When you’ve found your style, you will know it, but remain open to other styles as well.
  • For people with no experience in yoga whatsoever or health problems I suggest starting with an Iyengar yoga beginner’s class. It’s more of a static form of yoga that uses props like blocks and straps to help when you’re not flexible enough yet and pays so much attention to proper alignment. I still go to an Iyengar class once a week even though my heart fully beats for Ashtanga yoga (a very demanding, fast-paced form of yoga that makes you really flexible and strong).

See yoga in a holistic way:

  • Last but not least, I think you should definitely be aware from the beginning that yoga is not an exercise and it will make you feel some level of spirituality eventually, depending on the regularity of your practice. Of course it does involve strengthening the body, giving you more flexibility and better breath. But this is only the 3rd limb of yoga philosophy. You can read about all the limbs here: The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Obviously, you can be Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Neopagan or anything you call your religion and practice yoga.
Useful Links:
  • Kino MacGregor’s YouTube Channel Kino Yoga. She’s not only amazing at explaining postures but also gives an overview about the philosophical aspects of yoga and Pranayama (breathing, the fourth limb).
  • ABC-Of-Yoga has a very useful site with mini-descriptions of many yoga styles and a link to a more detailed description.
  • Surya Namaskara (sun salutation) is the foundation of most yoga styles, therefore it’s good to have a cheat sheet in the beginning. Two basics are Surya Namaskara A and Surya Namaskara B.
  • The Lazy Yogi is a pretty wise guy on tumblr that offers advice about meditation and many philosophical questions concerning the ego, mindfulness, peace and living in the present moment.



Lifting up into headstand with straight legs very soon :)

My babbling in the beginning is mainly there because I was really interested in how weird I sound when I speak English :D And of course explaining how important it is to rest in child’s pose for a few breaths after doing a headstand… (after filming I also realized I’m not doing a full sun salutation haha).

Awesome, getting it with straight legs requires so much core strength, you must have nice abs! :)

And I also sound super weird when I speak English  it’s like I’m a different person or something.


Love the #sunset in #miami Great shot by @eyecbeauty Love the new spiral dyes by @lilylotusinc

She’s just so beautiful!

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And this is why its better to prepare food at home rather than buying already made stuff

:) x

I’m actually a bit terrified by this. I don’t know if here in Brazil accuracy is verified, but I somehow doubt it. And how the hell does a muffin that size has more than 700 cals? Is it pure sugar? 

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Rocket I - Asana Sequence List

So, I was cataloging some poses for an upcoming yoga challenge (more on that later), and since I’ve been practicing Rocket Yoga I decided to list all the asanas in the Rocket sequence. Man, that took way longer than I expected, so I only did Rocket I today, I’ll do II tomorrow. I did this more for myself, but maybe someone out there can benefit from this if they don’t have access to Yogo.tv, or a Rocket studio, or just for the curious people out there. But brace yourself, this is LONG. And all this is to be done in more or less 90 minutes. Also this is the Rocket I sequence as taught by Dustin Fruson, here. I don’t know if this is the official Rocket I, or if he added his own touches. Ready?

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Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svasana

  • Releases and lengthens neck and spine
  • Calms & stimulates the mind and CNS
  • Balancing
  • Strengthens shoulders & arms
  • Cleanses and massages internal organs
  • Tones the sciatic nerve
  • Improves the flow of blood & prana to thyroid, thymus, pituitary, and pineal glands
  • Stimulates the Endocrine system
  • Improves strength of spine and increases bone density in the spine
  • Stretches shoulders, wrists, ankles, and hamstrings
  • Stimulates the 4 upper chakras

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I have a pretty intense love/hate relationship with down dog. When I started I absolutely hated it, with a passion. Now it’s weird. Sometimes it feels awesome and sometimes it feels like hell.

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typical yoga video from today for y’all yayayayay :D

she makes it look so easy!

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Check it out » Yoga on a budget


When I decided to really commit to my practice, I started working at a studio cleaning floors (and bathrooms and just about everything else) and checking people into class in exchange for classes.

I did that all through college & graduate school— I didn’t pay cash for yoga for 6 years. If you don’t have money, you have to be willing to exchange your time! Yoga should not be free. It is of value, and yoga teachers’ time and learning is valuable. I liked doing it, in a lot of ways (I also still clean a lot because I manage a studio now). It made me feel like I was a living part of the yoga tradition; historically, students of yoga would live with their gurus and do chores in return for the knowledge and skillful means their gurus would teach them. At the studio I manage now, we have 6 of what the article calls ‘karmis’ (we call them admins, but we are a practical lot at my studio) who work in exchange for yoga. 

Yoga itself can be your guru. Be humble and sweep some floors for it! Cleaning can also be done as a meditation. You’re preparing the space energetically and physically for the good transmission of knowledge, for the space to be safe and welcoming, and even practicing one of the Niyamas: Shaucha, cleanliness. Focus on doing every task with all of your attention and practice steady breath, or throw a dance party as you mop by cranking the speakers and fill the room with your joy.  

If you live in NYC, SF, Berkley, or Seattle, you can check out Yoga to the People (http://yogatothepeople.com/) which offers classes for a suggested donation of $10. As a warning, these classes can be packed, and my ex-girlfriend who did her YTT with Yoga to the People in SF has reported that the teachers are not always stellar. 

Lots of studios in places where there is a well-sized yoga community offer community classes on a pay-what-you-can/donation basis or on a reduced basis. Check out schedules to see what is available in your area.

Invest in the important stuff (a good, sustainably produced mat [I use Jade-bit.ly/kCgVor] will last you at least a year of regular use, many last even longer) but please, don’t get caught up in thinking the $90 lulu leggings (and sports bra and matching water bottle and headband) are necessary. It’s fine if you want to wear them, but I’m a yoga teacher who owns 0 pieces of Lululemon, because they’re not in my budget, they rarely come in natural/sustainable fabrics, I don’t buy black clothing anymore, & I’m not into supporting a company that holds a lot of libertarian values (see http://www.fastcompany.com/1208950/lululemon%E2%80%99s-cult-selling).

Finally, prioritize. If you know yoga is important to you, that it heals you or makes you feel better, just look at your finances and say, “What can go?”  Recently, one of the law students who comes to my weekend classes told me, “I’ve been staying in on Friday nights to save money for yoga classes and to be able to wake up for class on Saturday morning!”

What a good strategy: a $15 yoga class drop-in is way about what— 2 drinks at a bar? and no hangover during class! (Although like I said, I worked at a yoga studio throughout college, including the opening shifts on Saturday & Sunday, so I know a few things about stumbling my way through a yoga class with a hangover.) 

I hope some of this helps anyone who is struggling to make more yoga happen in your life. Put your intention out into the universe and you’ll be surprised by what answers.



A lot of people insisted on a wall between modern dance and ballet. I’m beginning to think that walls are very unhealthy things.

- Twyla Tharp, Choreographer

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